Statement by Mr. Ajit Kumar, Ambassador & Permanent Representative on behalf of the Like-Minded Group (LMG) at 34 HRC Session under General Debate -Agenda Item 3:Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development :





[27 February-24 March 2017] 

Agenda Item 3:Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development :
General Debate [10 March 2017]

Mr. President,


             I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of 22 countries of the like-minded group (LMG). 

  1. The Human Rights Council remains the primary UN mechanism to address issues of human right and the primary responsibility of this august body lies towards establishing a consensual understanding of all human rights themes and issues that are there for its consideration. It is through consensus that the Council will draw the moral authority to move forward on issues of concern. 
  1. If there is one overarching feature that characterizes humanity, it is its diversity. Hence, all our collective efforts towards ameliorating the human condition, through various initiatives such as building a community of shared future for mankind, must have a strong understanding and respect for our differences. No one can claim monopoly over virtue and wisdom. Throughout their history human societies have flourished with diversity of views and cultural practices, and hence, bringing this approach into the functioning of Council should not be a mission impossible as long as we have the requisite political will. 
  1. Although as humanity we may be one, it cannot be refuted that in the comity of nations we are at varying levels of growth and development. Hence, a united global response against violation of human rights cannot overstate the importance of sharing of best practices and exchange of information amongst nations. It is in this regard that the countries supporting this statement put emphasis on technical assistance and capacity building. 
  1. In this Council, our passionate and reasoned deliberations on the manifestations of human rights violations at times tend to degenerate into a confrontational discourse. This should be avoided through addressing the root cause of existing problems. The inter-dependence, indivisibility and universality of human rights call for a broader understanding on our part. There are no simple solutions in this globalised world where development, human rights, democracy and international cooperation are so seamlessly linked to each other. 
  1. We believe that the welfare of our people through sustainable and holistic development can go a long way in ensuring promotion and protection of human rights. In the functioning of the Council, the imbalance between civil and political rights on the one hand and economic, social and cultural rights on the other is stark and needs to be addressed to enhance the Council’s credibility. In this regard, we welcome the appointment of the Special Rapporteur on the right to development and urge the OHCHR to extend all requisite support to the new mandate holder.

I thank you, Mr. President. 

List of Countries supporting this statement:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Singapore
  3. Venezuela
  4. China
  5. DPRK
  6. Belarus
  7. Egypt
  8. Russian Federation
  9. Bolivia
  10. Venezuela
  11. Afghanistan
  12. Cuba
  13. Sri Lanka
  14. Thailand
  15. Vietnam
  16. Indonesia
  17. Brunei
  18. UAE
  19. Myanmar
  20. Ecuador
  21. Algeria
  22. India
34th Session of Human Rights Council (27 February-24 March 2017)
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