Statement by H.E. Mr. Ajit Kumar, Ambassador & Permanent Representative at the High Level Panel discussion on Human Rights Mainstreaming at the 34th session of Human Rights Council - 27.2.2017




(27 February-24 March 2017)


Annual high-level panel discussion on human rights mainstreaming:  The contribution of human rights to peacebuilding through the enhancement of dialogue and international cooperation for the promotion of human rights

 [27 February 2017] 

Statement by H.E. Mr. Ajit Kumar, Ambassador & Permanent Representative of India to United Nations Offices and other International Organizations in Geneva


Mr. President,

India welcomes the convening of this high-level panel on an extremely relevant theme and thanks the panellists for sharing their views with the Council.

2. The recent attempts at the UN to review its peacebuilding architecture has validated our traditional stand that peace & security; human rights; and development need to be viewed as an interconnected web of desirable human pursuits. Our compartmentalised efforts or lopsided focus is sure to have an adverse impact on the end results.

3. It has been our experience that the relationship between human rights violations and societal conflicts is never a straight one. While human rights abuse can lead to conflicts it is equally possible that restraint on rights result from attempts to minimise or end conflicts.

4. We appreciate the role of this panel discussion in initiating a deeper exploration of the link between human rights and peacebuilding. However, a caveat should be in order at this point. We have noted with concern the recent politicisation and divisiveness of the UN human rights agenda. Hence, we recommend utmost caution in order to avoid the same degree of polarisation of the peacebuilding agenda by association with human rights.

5. We remain convinced that strengthening of rule of law at the international level and expansion of need-specific constructive cooperation amongst nations will strengthen both peacebuilding efforts as well as promotion and protection of human rights.

6. Finally, we would like to hear from the panellists as to how can we integrate the human rights dimension of peacebuilding in the UPR process.

Thank you.

34th Session of Human Rights Council (27 February-24 March 2017)
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